Photo from Biofabbing @CERN Geneva, 2016 Photo @David Kong, 2016.

Hybrid researcher and designer working at the crossroads of Art & Science. Trained as product design engineer, she speculates with the use of biotechnology/DIY biology and its critical influences on our society. She creates fictional scenarios embedding people, living organisms and other critters into self designed objects getting to new media ecologies. Also, she nourishes (from) and believes (in) the middle-ground (communities of hackers / artists / citizens working in alternative spaces) to have the power to subvert the dominating role of traditional science and technology spheres and therefore, guide us towards a more inclusive knowledge production. She researches about the role of a designer to influence the social imaginary through participatory workshops and collaborative interfaces that focus on the radical poetry of the otherness.

She holds an engineering degree in industrial design (Mondragón, Spain, 2008 and Barcelona, Spain, 2010) and a Master of Media Design (HEAD-Geneva, 2016). Currently, she is an independent researcher at Hybridoa and co-president of the Hackuarium biohackerspace (Renens), where she promotes art projects.

She received a distinction for her final Master project "Camera Obscura et les artefacts de l'invisible" in collaboration with "Biodesign for the Real World". She lately presented her work in TouchMe Festival (Zagreb, 2017) curated by Monical Bello, head of Arts at CERN. Also got invited to exhibit at «La Semiosphere du Commun » at Le Commun (CAC, Gevève, 2017), curated by Anna Bargeshian. She earned the Interactivos(?) residency at MediaLab Prado (Madrid, 2016) and got selected for Ars Bioarctica in Subartctic Lapland (Kilpisjärvi, 2017) organised by Eric Berger from Finnish Bioart Society. Vanessa also enjoys sharing and spreading her experimental music installations “Mossphone” and “O. Singer” within the collaborative "Living instruments" project at KlangMoorSchopfe Festival (Gaïs, 2017), the Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik (Darmstadt, 2016), in Le Bourg (Lausanne, 2016) and was part of the colaborative Kammer Klang Program at Project Space with a performance in Cafe Oto (London, 2017).

She presented her work on bioink and biomaterials "Prin(k)t plastic, it's fantastic! " at the Istituto Svizzero del Diseno (Milan, 2016), the Salone Internationale del Mobile (Milan, 2014) and at Lift Conference (Geneva, 2015 and 2016) and LIFT (Genève, 2015). Soon she will be co-organizing the workshop of the "Center for Future Publishing" at HEAD-GENEVA in the context of “La semaine de tous les possibles” (Autum semester, 2017) and a "Bioart" exhibition of an experimental collaboration of biohacking and precision cosmetics for the Swiss company RIVOLI Geneva.

She organises, gives and/or designs collaborative workshops about critical, speculative and biological  design with Hackuarium (Great Lausanne), EFPL (Bioinspired Lab), Hackteria Temporary Labs, Utopiana (Geneva) and collaborates with the Open Science School (CRI, Paris).

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