Final Bachelor Project «Human-computer interaction experience measuring physiological response through biometric sensors» Mondragon University, December 2013.
During the last year I have developed 3 innovative projects focused on human-computer interaction design. This is the 3rd part of a series of pieces that I have been working on, exploring the possible combination of physiological responses and new media or entertainment industry. Physiological correlates of cognitive and emotional states are translated into media by the use of microcontrollers and biometric sensors such us gsr sensor (galvanic skin response), airflow sensor and a pulsometer.
The project consists of the projection of videos with different emotional intensities by a user. The microcontroller was programmed to stream the data from the sensors to a Processing-based real-time display. At the same time, the data was recorded for later analysis. At the same time, the data was recorded for later analysis.
The objective is to measure physiological response through biometrical sensors for user experience analysis.
Airflow Game Ball enables to learn to regulate oneself breathing and heartbeat in order to learn to regulate ones heartbeat and breathe in order to relax or get aroused. This project has a a strong connection with relaxation techniques, mental control and sensor technologies. The ball changes from green when the heart- beat is low to red for higher heartbeats. The vertical position of the ball corresponds to the airflow. For the development of this project, I have used an Arduino Uno connected to an complementary E-health shield, biometric sensors and Processing.
Assistant: Agata Mlodawska
Camera: Aitor Mallabia
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