In the context of Datascape Fest organised by Volumes Coworking (Paris 19), the Colab Bioarch workshop is dedicated to the design of architecture and urbanism with embedding biological systems and citizens sciences. Thinking & making weekend to rethink design and how to relate with the planet.

Our relationship with the our environment is defining a contemporary version of inequality. We already have social, gender and geographic inequalities; now we are responsible for a generational inequality. We acknowledge the urge to write a common story with our planet and each of their inhabitants and contexts (including nature, culture and spirituality). 

If digital tools allow us to stay in touch with different inhabitants of the planet, can they help us to develop our empathy radius? This radius is determined by communication tools (human and information logistics), and by cultural empathy. Interdisciplinarity is a way to foster this cultural empathy.

Open Science School, the Centre de Recherche Interdisciplinaire and Volumes Coworking are happy to welcome you to the ninth Colab workshop: BioArch.

How do we relate with our environment 
Material Empathy
Biology of the Anthropocene
Generative & Biological Architecture
Beyond Inequalities with Citizen Sciences
Sensing Critters: Microlandscapes Metacommunities
Sensing Critters: Moss Biosensor
Camera Obscura
Air dust sensor

Adrien Rigobello, Vanessa Lorenzo, Shneel Malik, Hasnaa Benflaken, Juliette Lenouvel, Keerthana Govindarazan, Céline Tchao, Mourdjen Bari, Domenico di Sienna, Yann Giang, Anthony Jahn, Vivien Roussel, Khalil Kababe, and the Open Science School team.

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