Check your chicken! On lab-flesh and speculative bioelectronics:

“We shall escape the absurdity of growing a whole chicken in order to eat the breast or wing, by growing these parts separately under a suitable medium.” Winston Churchill, 1931. 

A year ago, Stanford University biochemist and lab meat engineer Patrick Brown said: “We have a class of products that just totally rocks and cannot be distinguished from the animal-based product it replaces, even by hardcore foodies"Inspired by DNA–DNA hybridization technique that measures the degree of genetic similarity between pools of DNA sequences, I speculate with the idea that we might be able to measure little changes in weight (nanoscale) to analyze the similarity of wave frequencies coming out from the DNA-tool in form of sound and determine the genetic distance between two organisms: the original and synthetic.

The prototipe is based on my own interpretation of this project from uses DNA - DNA Hybridazation techniques for measuring the genomic distance between 2 organisms. Also inspired by several conferences at #LiftBasel in October 2015 about future of Health and Food and the first in vitro . Developed at Head Genève and @Hackuarium for the workshop Version_01 led by Dominic Robson.


Version 01_ Workshop led by Dominic Robson at HEAD Genéve.
Shooting by Dylan Perrenoud
Edition Vanessa Lorenzo
Music "Podington Bear - Pineapple.mp3” from

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