”The use of diagrams, maps and technical drawings contributed largely to codify the whole and disseminate “images” of the planet.The workshop “Drawing Conclusions” aimed to question and to trace some common models from the 1950s, particularly the theories of cybernetics and information. From a diverse spectrum of theoretical references, visual and historic, five themes have been explored: Environment, Narrative, Protocol, Politics, Cult.Using the software platform Scriptographer, the student-e-s were invited to create graphics sequences leading to conclusions ( “Drawing Conclusions”). Built-in vector drawing, narrative structure was used to drive a plotter ZÜND S3 M-800 reproduction of a book containing all the images.”

Created Algorithms
ElectroHaiku: Random poem from WIkipedia’s definition of Protocol.
Circular Pulsar: The noise of the machine drawing the first circle in the middle is unsed to modify the next one. Adding noise progresivelly till the last layer. Inspired on the first pulser signal visualized in the 60′s. Code will be published soon
3D Coordinated Electrodipity Poem: Published soon

Electrodipity (electronic serendipity) is not a casualty in any political sense. It’s the awareness of a generation(s) in order to find cracks of chance in crafts, science and technology. It’s the emancipation from protocol, rules, commands and code. It’s the democratization of science and “humanization” of technology. It’s the freedom to realign your relationship with the universal knowledge and the anarchy to create at your own way.

Dylan Perrenoud (Photo & Video), Romain Chappet (Printing)
Students of HEAD MMD2 (Set up)

Jürg Lehni
Joel Vacheron
Daniel Sciboz

Paola Gabrieli
Alexandra Gavrilova
Vanessa Lorenzo

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