Interactive moss and sound Installation at Kilpisjärvi in the Arctic Circle, Finish Lapland, Finland in July 2017. Photo by me, 2017, CC-BY-3.0.

“In the next century, planet will don an electronic skin. It will use the Internet as a scaffold to support and transmit its sensations. This skin is already being stitched together It consists of millions of embedded electronic measuring devices, thermostats, pressure gauges, pollution detectors, cameras, microphones, glucose sensors, EKGs, electroencephalograms. These will probe and monitor cities and endangered species, the atmosphere, our ships, highways and fleets of trucks, our conversations, our bodies- even our dreams. “ - extract from “Earth donning an electronic skin” Business Week, 1999.

[...]But a previous skin formed millions of years before, when the atmosphere became breathable and mosses emerged from the oceans to conquer the land. Bacteria started to break down the stone releasing minerals and forming the soil where the windblown spores of moss had landed. The moss turf trapped decaying organic matter that accumulated at the base of the moss where it built up more soil. This organic couch served fungi to sew the filament network that will help proving an anchor to the ground wrapping the Earth's surface in a sort of conglomerate of moss, lichens, fungi and other microbial life-forms. This green mossy carpet is part of our Earth’s sensing organs, able to feel the environmental features from the Glacial Age to our present as well as the sudden changes in an ecosystem [...] 

Mossphone at KlangMoorSchopfe with the collaboration of Raphaëlle Mueller and Oliver Keller. Photo Credits @Raphaëlle Mueller, 2017

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